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Wednesday July 23rd 2014



The Classical Halloween Costume for Black Women

Throughout the years, comic book fans have met dozens of strong, black female superheroes. This Halloween, remind the world that sexy, black, female superheroes abound with any one of these homemade superhero Halloween costumes for black women.


Storm, a member of Marvel’s X-men, is by far the most popular of the female black superheroes. Recreate this sexy, Halloween costume idea for black women with white, wild, curly hair, a black, tank-top style body suit with gold trim and black leather boots. If desired, toss in a black cap with gold trim, a black headband and gold cuffs to complete this sexy, homemade Halloween costume.


Featured in the Legion of Super-Heroes, Catspaw was both human and feline, with cat-like reflexes, retractable claws and an ability to see in the dark. The sexy, black superhero wore a full-body, gloved black bodysuit with yellow and black stripes racing through the middle. She also wore a thick silver utility belt, featuring the Legionnaires logo. Her long, brown hair was wild beneath a brown v-shaped head cover.


Vixen, another DC black heroine, was an African and a model, whose powers came from a powerful totem. Recreate this sexy, Halloween costume for black women with a short black fro with a strip of brown dyed through the middle, an orange halter-style bodysuit, gold hoop earrings and orange cuffs. Her orange boots will be hard to come by, opt for black boots tucked beneath the bodysuit.

Amanda Waller

If you’ve got curves, Amanda Waller is the superhero for you. Dr. Waller, although lacking special powers, was ranked the 60th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time by IGN and was featured on the hit TV show Smallville,played byPam Grier.This Halloween, recreate her look with a white lab coat with insignia, blue pants, a small fro (crew cut style would be ideal) and black boots.


Rocket, a DC superhero and partner to Icon, is a teenage crime fighter and single mom. A former gymnast, she gains power from her flexibility, experience in crime fighting with her partner and her inertia belt. To recreate this homemade Halloween costume idea for black women, you’ll need a blue, full-body bodysuit, a red pair of boots, a red jacket, white gloves and short, straight red hair.


Ladyhawk is the alias for twin sisters Rosetta and Regina, daughters of a crime lord who vow to fight crime in Marvel’s Spider-Girl series. To recreate this sexy, homemade Halloween costume idea for black women, you’ll need a full-body green bodysuit with orange accents, an orange and green face mask and a short black fro.

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